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We're Excited to See You Again!

As of February 2022, we began permitting clients back into the clinic with their pets. For almost two years prior to this, we had been practicing curbside medicine to deal with the pandemic. It hasn't been easy for us and we know it hasn't been easy for our clients, but during this time, curbside medicine allowed us to limit the Covid outbreaks in the clinic and continue to remain open to treat your pets. We appreciate all of you sticking by us during this time.


Moving forward, we are eager to find some sense of normalcy again but with a few modifications. Because our veterinary clinic is small and our exam rooms are even smaller with less ventilation, we are requiring:


-Facemasks to be worn properly by all clients and staff when in the building.

-We are also limiting the number of clients in the exam room to two people.


If anyone prefers not to wear a mask, we are happy to continue offering curbside service, or if you just fell in love with curbside service or prefer not to see "Spot" get his shots! Just let us know your preference whenever you schedule your pet's upcoming appointment.

You may not be able to see our smiles underneath our masks, but we are thrilled to see you all again!


-Macoupin Veterinary Services